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BEHOLD is all about promoting and empowering social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibilities and linking the private sector with development work.

Over the years we gained significant experience in;
CSR consultancy services for companies, NGOs and governments
Facilitating companies and NGOs in building structural social partnerships
Organizing learning journeys in which teams of professionals work on
     development assignments
Developing cutting edge and innovative social ventures and projects
Social investments and business support to (social) entrepreneurs
Fundraising, grants and corporate sponsoring for NGOs and social initiatives

We have been doing business in the Netherlands, Asia and Africa in cooperation with;
Development organizations like Hivos, the Red Cross, the United Nations
     Volunteers, Intervolve
Companies like Ordina, Red Bull, KPMG, Berenschot, Nauta Dutilh and
     numerous SMEs
(Semi) Government: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CSR Netherlands and NCDO

Please contact us, if you also see the power of CSR for employee engagement, improving your company reputation & values, new business development and entering new markets, international partnerships and extending your networks and looking for interesting investment opportunities in developing countries with a clear return on investment & society.

Together we can make a difference in your organization and society!

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